video for web production training

Script writing, story boarding for audience appropriate Communication your personality, passion, skills and expertise to your clients can be difficult when they're not directly in front of you. Using the tools at your disposal we will teach you how to efficiently produce cost effective video messaging.



Pre - production

Script writing, story boarding for audience appropriate messaging.

We teach you how to create your own templates that you can use right throughout your video production process. These easy to use templates are proven to send positive engaging and compelling messages to your audience.

Ensuring that you have all that you need for production we will show you the work flow processes that fast track video production.

Planning is the cornerstone of good production so we start from teaching you the basics of marketing. What does your market want? How do I communicate my products and services in a way that engages and compels them to want our services.

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Camera, sound, setting, lighting and presentation skills.

With pre-production covered we move on with the knowledge that all of the plans are in place for a successful shoot. Shooting for the edit will save valuable time and energy. As you progress through and gain experience, our training provides participants with solid skills to produce quality video.

We teach you about location selection and easy sound and lighting tips that will save you costly time and money.

Simple camera tips that will give your production a professional look and feel even when shooting on mobile table and phones.



Editing and publishing work.

Editing using web based tools or embedded professional software is something we are familiar with. We can show you the best software for your particular hardware. Editing on tablets or phones although not encouraged is something we can walk you through too.

Having published thousands of hours of video to web using servers to upload we can show you how to effectively publish your work for the best exposure.