Garment Technologist
Regional Merchandising Manager — London
Regional Merchandising Manager — Milan

Senior Dresswear Designer
Product Developer


Network Support Analyst

Talent Manager
Concession Supervisor
Window Styling Manager



Strategic Marketing Planning and Implementation

Direct the *market orientation of your business to improve your current and/or future sales position. In plain English it means aligning your current product or service to fit your current market and your future product to fit your future market so that when your market changes your organization is prepared to change your product to fit your market. If you’re thinking about expanding your business or your products then your strategy needs to be adoptive, proactive and innovative.

This is not about sitting cross-legged on a rug, surrounded by scented candles, and searching for divine answers. This is a simple structured process, written for your business, and then delivered to your staff to ensure the entire organisation is in the picture.

Marketing Mantra – “Know your market and get the market to know you”